these days will be missed.

Having time off from uni has left me with the time to enjoy this beautiful city of Sydney that I call home. It’s been a wonderful couple of months. I’ve developed a fortnightly ritual of visiting the MCA with ice tea in hand, watching a movie at Dendy, and laying in the park under the Sydney Harbour Bridge reading a book.

when the sunshine isn’t so sweet.

I always hate dressing for the impossible to deal with heat. You just want to be naked. Quite frankly as someone who eats like a teenager who moved out of home with no cooking skills, and doesn’t go to the gym, my legs aren’t looking too pretty for shorts, let alone to be let loose on the streets naked. On top of that my skin is the palest shade of pale. The end result? Everything about summer apart from the heat makes me want to wrap myself in a pretty set of bed sheets and hide. Obviously this isn’t an option.

So what options are left for us who need to hide their skin from the sun like its the Antichrist and pretty much did the exact opposite to Cleo’s “Beach Body in One Month Workout!”? Not much. I’ve summed it down to a combination of maxi dress, full skirts, and sheer layers in a feeble attempt to fend off the sun. Perhaps it is time I invest in a parasol.

once upon a time.

My major studio project for the end of the year. The work required we tell a narrative and use the studio space. I’m not a fan of working with people under normal circumstances, let alone in a studio space. I decided to take a literal approach to ‘narrative’ and retold fairytales in one image using iconic symbols. The photos were shot on medium format film using a hasselblad.

It was an exhausting and expensive process which involved going thrift store hunting for props and asking people if they had a brick, but I believe it paid off. Work I’m actually happy with for once. I even enjoyed researching all the original stories, and I still find it amazing how little symbols are needed to tell the whole story.