mori kei.

Mori Kei has always been one of my favourite Japanese styles. Reminds me of forest fairies/nymphs. I remember how in Harajuku their is a super amazing mori kei store that I bought a dress from. I wanted to live in that store. Kenzo and both Fudge & Frankie magazine really make me think of a more wearable and western version of the style.

This reminds me how the other day at work I was described as looking like an Armish person. But a cute one.
Why thank you? Hahaha.

ps. I just booked my flights to Japan for next year! 😀 Mega and I are going together. I miss it so much!
And thank you for the mascara suggestions.

tap your toes.

Some pretty things. i-D Collection. Pink shoes. It’s little things that keep you going forward.