summer time soon.

J.Crew blazer, Miu Miu brogues, Theory singlet, Dolce & Gabbana clutch, Simone Rocha dress, Shourouk jewelry

Summer is just around the corner apparently with temperature reaching 30 degrees in Sydney today… 10 days into spring? It’s going to be a long hot summer on this side of the world. Some pretty things I wish I could have. This will be a white summer, always with a touch of navy and color. Really considering getting the J.Crew blazer but I worry about the fit?

when the sunshine isn’t so sweet.

I always hate dressing for the impossible to deal with heat. You just want to be naked. Quite frankly as someone who eats like a teenager who moved out of home with no cooking skills, and doesn’t go to the gym, my legs aren’t looking too pretty for shorts, let alone to be let loose on the streets naked. On top of that my skin is the palest shade of pale. The end result? Everything about summer apart from the heat makes me want to wrap myself in a pretty set of bed sheets and hide. Obviously this isn’t an option.

So what options are left for us who need to hide their skin from the sun like its the Antichrist and pretty much did the exact opposite to Cleo’s “Beach Body in One Month Workout!”? Not much. I’ve summed it down to a combination of maxi dress, full skirts, and sheer layers in a feeble attempt to fend off the sun. Perhaps it is time I invest in a parasol.

glamour daze.

Now that uni is over for the year I’m just like work work work, spend spend, I’d like to note there is more work there than spending. Holiday saving time is occurring although it is all too difficult to not spend all pay check on pretty things. MAC isn’t making it any easier this Christmas season. Their glamour daze collection is amazing. Pastels everywhere. I’m not quite sure what I need but I sure I need a blush, or lipstick, or nail polish.