these days will be missed.

Having time off from uni has left me with the time to enjoy this beautiful city of Sydney that I call home. It’s been a wonderful couple of months. I’ve developed a fortnightly ritual of visiting the MCA with ice tea in hand, watching a movie at Dendy, and laying in the park under the Sydney Harbour Bridge reading a book.

insomnia and milk.

I’m bored and realised I haven’t spoken to you guys much about me and uni.
Over the next couple of days, or maybe after I get back from New Zealand I’ll get some of my major’s up.

Here is some work from one of my favourite contemporary photographers, Jeff Wall.
I have fascination with the banal and everyday. Jeff Wall pretty much just does it for me.
His photographs are reenactments of every day encounters in his life.
So while not street photography it’s often described as ‘near documentary’.
I love how everything is so perfect. The light. The actors. The props.
It’s to perfect to be real. But it’s so ordinary that why would it be staged?