blur: tutorial.

So I was asked on Tumblr to share how I did this post processing of my project ‘Blur’
You need photoshop (I’m sure you can do it in Gimp but I don’t have Gimp to check) And at least two images;

The image you want to overlay (in this case my self portrait) needs to have high contrast because the overlay will only show up on the darker areas of the image.

1. So here is my 3 images. As you can see my portrait has high contrast, with defined dark and light areas

2. Drag all the images you want into one image on separate layers

3. We want to change the blend mode of all the images to screen

4. After changing the blend mode to screen you rearrange the layers to whatever you feel looks best

5. I duplicated the portrait layer and changed the blend mode to soft light to make it darker

6. I moved things around a bit and bam! All done. It’s pretty easy