blue winter sky.

Tempt shirt, Midas shoes, Skirt from Korea

Alaska and I went to Cockatoo Island to the biennale. Only we spent most of the time sitting on amazingly flat rocks in the sun. Saw little art. Maybe I’ll go back when I’m not in a lazy mood. Trying to spend what little I have of the holidays left relaxing, that is when I’m not working.

Please ignore my stubby nails. I had a biting attack at work last week. Retail does awful things to me. Feel free to laugh at my attempt to flip you all off while wearing a knuckle ring. I’m a fool sometimes.

Right now I’m debating whether I want to see Dark Knight Rises midnight opening. Downside; I’ll be by myself. Upside; I don’t really mind. Currently watching the Watchmen long cut, I finished the comics the other day, pretty damn amazing.

scattered crowd.

So I’m back at uni. Same old thing. Different place. Although better than last year.
I’m trying to get some work done as I get it, rather than letting it build up and become overwhelming.
I have to critically analyse a piece of ‘situated media’ which is a fancy word for installation art..I think.
William Forsythe is this amazing dance choreographer who also does amazing art installations.
The one I’m going to focus on is Scattered Crowd.
Very beautiful result. Reminds me of a Tim Walker editorial.