just across the ditch.

Been too busy living life… Sorry not to include you all?
Back in August I went for a short trip to see my family in New Zealand, it was beautiful as always.
Most memorable part of the trip was the day we spent in Oamaru which is a crazy little steampunk town in the south island.

winter wonderland.

At the time of writing this I’m sitting in some little hut in the middle of nowhere on the South Island of New Zealand.
No internet. No mobile phone reception. They have terrible mobile reception outside of major cities.

My parents rented this beautiful holiday house for all of us outside Wanaka. We built a snowman and my nephews had their first introduction to snow. One of the magical holidays you don’t forget.

I took the beautiful New Zealand landscape as an opportunity to use this old manual russian fisheye lens (Zenitar) that I bought on ebay. It had been adapted to mount onto a canon camera. For a long time I’ve wanted a fisheye lens but the Canon is very expensive, this has been a great alternative, the glass is great quality for the price tag, very sharp and great colours.