when summer hides away.

Seed shorts, Cotton On blouse, Sheike blazer, Midas loafers.

There seem to be this global envy around Sydney summers. My now 3 summers in Sydney have gone as followed:

  • 1st. So hot that all you ever wanted to wear was sandles and a hat. This excludes all other clothing.
  • 2nd. Rained a total of 5 days a week for the whole of summer. It also never actually got hot. Just wet, windy & cold.
  • 3rd. This summer appears to be confused about weather it is winter or summer. Today is 19 degrees with thunderstorms, yesterday was 29 degrees with a humidity of 92%.

See nothing to be really envious over. Especially since I find it mighty frustrating to leave my house in the morning in a singlet and skirt to only need and umbrella, gumboots, and a duffle jacket by 6pm.

Anywho. These photos are a month or so old from when I was finishing uni up. This is my go to outfit for ‘I’m having a tired/shit/stressed day. They are my fat day culottes, since we all know by now that I don’t do pants, let alone pants on my fat days.

Hopefully I start blogging a bit more now that distressing life events are done with.

the white blazer.

I feel like searching for a white blazer is a never ending story, and quite frankly it’s a story which I would like to end sometime soon with summer coming up. I just can never find one I agree on. The fact that I’m not quite sure what I want doesn’t help. Do I want stark white or cream white? Do I want cropped or boyfriend? Do I want a trim? Do I want buttons? Do I want flaps? So many questions. All I ever decide is whatever white blazer is present in front of me is either overpriced or I just straight out don’t want it. Oh perfect white blazer why do you taunt me, you must be out there somewhere.

stress be gone.

Pretty sure all I ever talk about on here is the stress of university, and the stress of fitting everything else around it. Well I for one am both excited and stressed to say it ends in 3 weeks! Holy cow I have a lot of work to do in that time but gosh crossing that finish line will be an amazing feeling.

Today was a lazy dress day. I had to cart a huge tote and another massive bag into the city as I went to shoot in the studio at uni for my final major project. It’s all about ‘story telling’, which obviously translates to me as fables and fairy tales. I’m rather enjoying it, my shoulders aren’t though. Can’t wait to go and get the film developed and see the real end results, it was shot on a hasselblad which has been an amazing experience in it’s self.