post holiday depression.

You may or may not know that recently I spent a month with my best friend (see more of us at our blog together) in Japan. It was an amazing experience, I’ve been several times before but this time was different. When I think back to my trip I’m so proud of myself for getting their and back, I live out of home so I paid for the trip all myself, I worked 38+ hour weeks last year while studying full time as well, which was torture, convinced my boss that I deserve to go away for month and still have a job when I get, continued to pay my rent while gone so my things had a home. Like I did this really grown up thing. I even filled out my own immigration forms.

I rented an apartment in Shinjuku Tokyo for the whole month, spent a couple of nights in Osaka and then used a two week rail pass to kinda sit on trains and commute to all these different places. I think about all the things I saw and I don’t even know where to start, and then I think about all the things I missed out on seeing and it’s like oh gosh. Staying in an apartment for a month really made the experience kinda just seem like I was living there rather than your normal hotel holiday experience, which has probably made the PHD (post holiday depression) all the worse.

Just this morning I had yet another nightmare, I’m in Japan having the most amazing time, I’m off doing some shopping, eating amazing food, there was cherry blossoms blooming outside that I just rushed to see when BAM! My brain kicks in. Suddenly dream me is very confused about why I’m still in Japan? Did I miss my flight home? What’s going on here? Then I usually wake up and realisation sets in that I’m at home in Sydney. Yeah still getting these dreams like once a week, 5 weeks on from getting home. I’m pretty sad. This year’s study load is too large for me to work full time and next year is third year so I’m guessing a similar situation, I imagine my next trip back to Japan may be just before I do my masters or something. So a long long way away.

Anyway so here is an image dump from a day in Shibuya, eating at our favourite pancakes place and shopping at 109. I’ll be dumping lots of photos from the trip over the next couple of weeks.

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