the city by the bay.

Famous Yokohoma skyline

Entrance to Chinatown & the Mazu Miao Temple

Cosmo World

A short (15 minutes from my memory) train trip from Tokyo on an express train and your in Yokohama. I last time I visited Yokohama was in 2013 and It was Chinese New Year. Yokohama has one of the largest Chinatowns outside of China so it seemed like the place to be. Yokohama is one of my favourite cities to visit in Japan for when the culture shock sets in due to the fact that it feels quite western; the roads are wide, they have western architecture, the malls are large, and although being the second largest city in Japan it feels so spacious when compared its nearby neighbour Tokyo. Although this probably speaks for how dense Tokyo is rather than how spacious Yokohama is.

Chinatown was an experience, as all festivals are in Japan. Cars and pedestrians were clearly arguing over who’s road it was with thousands of people making their way down the tiny streets to the temple. There was amazing street food as always. At the time I didn’t realise it was the year of the panda so I was confused as to why there was more than one dedicated store to just panda merchandise, I figured they just really loved pandas in Yokohama. The Mazu Miao Templewas beautiful and many people were praying.

Minato Mirai is the new urban centre of Yokohama, built along the water front I imagine it would be the perfect place for a cool breeze during a humid Tokyo summer, being winter when we visited it was freezing so remember a scarf! We visited several of the shopping centers, the highlight obviously being Landmark Plaza as it is home to a Pokemon Centre. The Red Brick Warehouse was also an interesting visit due to its design, it used to serve the port but has since been refurbished into a shopping centre. Next to the bay is the famous Cosmo World, a small amusement park with a ferris wheel that contributes to the famous skyline of Yokohama.

We somehow unintentionally ended up at the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum? It was honestly more exciting than it sounds, so if you accidentally end up there give it a chance. We sadly missed out on the Cup Noodles Museum which is on my list for my next visit to Yokohama.

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